Welcome to St Joseph's Convent Senior Secondary School and Junior College, Jalgaon - M.S. (CBSE)

St Joseph's Convent Senior Secondary School Jalgaon (CBSE), is recognized as an English Teaching School, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It imparts English Education to all pupils. It comprises up to twelfth standard and prepares pupils for the CBSE Secondary and Senior Secondary and the Government Examination of Elementary and Intermediate Grade in Drawing and Rashtrabhsha Hindi Examinations. Its aim is to impart an all round education, liberal and technical and also physical, aesthetic, moral and spiritual primarily to catholics for whose education the institution is established and also to other children, irrespective religion, race, language in so far as in consonant with catholic principles.

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The online admission phase will commence on 21st November, 2016.

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Library Rules

  1. No more than 1 book at a time, shall be issued from the library. Books borrowed from the library may be kept for a maximum period of 7 days.
  2. A pupil who does not return the book issued her/him in time shall pay a fine of Rs.1/- for every extra day, beyond the prescribed period.
  3. All marking, underlining etc. in any book is absolutely forbidden.
  4. On receipt of a book the pupil should examine and report at once to the Library Assistant any damage, so far unaccounted for, in the book. If the pupil fail to do so, she/he will be eld responsible for any damage when it is subsequently detected by the Library Assistant.
  5. Pupil is expected to handle the books carefully and not to damage or spoil them in any way.
  6. If a book be damaged or spoiled or lost by a pupil she/he shall pay the cost of the book.
  7. Books prescribed as text books, reference books, periodicals and publications, should not be removed from the Library.
  8. No pupil is allowed to pass on the Library books to anyone, in or out of the school.

General Discipline

  • Parents are expected to co-operate with School Authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their children prepare their lessons and by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the School.
  • Parents are informed that occasional reports from the teachers are conveniently sent through the calendar. Parents are particularly expected to sign these messages, progress reports etc. Failure to do this may put their children to great inconvenience.
  • If a pupil is absent through illness more than a week, the Principal must be informed at once.


  1. Fees are due as long as the pupil is kept on the School Rolls.
  2. The delay of the payment beyond three months renders a pupil liable to removal from the school.
  3. No pupil will be allowed to appear for the Terminal or Final Examination unless fees are paid.
  4. No reduction of fees will be made for broken periods of attendance .Reduction in the fees or free scholarships may be granted to poor and deserving student, but may be cancelled at any time should such a pupil fail to give satisfaction in conduct or application.

Promotion Rules

  • A student will be promoted to a higher standard if he/she secures 35% of the marks in each head of the passing shall be worked out by dividing by three, the total marks of (a) the I semester examination (b) the 2nd semester examination (c) the year’s work including Unit tests, Orals, Home-work etc.
  • RESULTS DECLARED at the end of the school are final in all cases and will not be re-considered.

School Awards

  1. Good conduct and regular attendance are indispensable for obtaining an award.
  2. Failure in any subject debars a pupil from obtaining any award.
  3. Should a pupil be debarred by the rules from obtaining a prize, the next pupil who fulfils the condition is entitled to it.
  4. THE GENERAL PROFICIENCY PRIZE is awarded to the pupil who secures the highest aggregate in each class.

Teacher's Word

I deliver (present) myself as the message being ex-Josephian. My St. Joseph’s is a centre of learning, both, intellectually and spiritually.

-Mrs. Hemangi Raul

For me, teaching has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is the same profession that has won me scores of students who love and respect me.

-Mrs. Alda Durham.

Paperless Online Admissions

The online admission phase for the academic year will commence on 21st November 2016.
Register for admission online using our paperless online admission platform where you can track the status of your application real-time.

Mission & Values

We believe that our students love to learn and thrive when challenged. In order to best challenge them, our faculty spends time getting to know our students not only as learners, but as individuals. Our teachers are able to identify students’ academic strengths and areas for growth as well as their passions and interests, with precision, and use this understanding to individualize the learning experience.

-Sr. Helen / Manager

St. Joseph's Convent Senior Secondary School is a mission-driven school. We know who we are, we know what we have committed ourselves to, and we authentically and enthusiastically endeavor to keep the promise set forth in our Mission Statement: to inspire all of our students to continuous inquiry, empowering them with the skills, courage, optimism, and integrity to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others.

-Sr. Alka D'Souza / Principal

Ours is a vanguard school in 21st century education. It is a school immersed in a community of children and adults encouraged to take risks, and stand tall when faced with adversity. It is a place where we care about each other, where we try to make a difference in our world, and where inquiry, empowerment, dreaming, and service are framed with joy.

-Sr. Teresa Markose / Vice Principal