Teacher's Word

St. Joseph’s Convent Senior Secondary School is a sanctuary of learning. Our students are not only intelligent but also hard working
The Vice Principal,
Sr. Teresa Markose
My dear children keep yourselves physically fit, enlarge your heart, expand your knowledge, then you fill find nothing is left on the earth to be achieved
Mrs. Shaila Chavan
I will always pray that you keep on progressing and winning.
Mrs. Asha Harane
The school which gave me an opportunity to show my talents, I will always remain indebt to that school. I’ll always pray that the school continuously develops.
Mrs. Rajashree Bhavsar
Till now, the students of the school have maintained the discipline and kept the school flag high. I hope the coming generation will also do the same.
Mrs. Gitanjali Kale
I deliver (present) myself as the message being ex-Josephian. My St. Joseph’s is a centre of learning, both, intellectually and spiritually.
Mrs. Hemangi Raul
Values have more importance than knowledge to develop a student as a good human being.
Mrs. Meena Khandarkar
Be positive in every act of life.
Mrs. Surekha Shirude
Our school is a well disciplined one. The students are obedient, do not play mischief. They study hard and get good marks.
Mrs. Rachna Sonawane
Always be self disciplined and self reliant.
Mrs. Shaista Shaikh
School is an institution and the watchword is discipline and respect.
Mrs. Anita Patil    
Work is worship, so work hard with full determination and devotion.
Mrs. Meena Sharma    
Our school provides value based education
Mrs. Asha Shah    
Time is precious. Realize its importance and use it wisely.
Mrs. Mangla Premchand    
Children should be made to inculcate moral values during school life so that they should be a better human being.
Mrs. Anamma George.    
For me, teaching has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is the same profession that has won me scores of students who love and respect me. Very few professionals can claim to have been able to make a difference to the lives of others as teachers have. Fewer still can say with pride and joy that the children they taught came back with a word of gratitude, and that, my dear friends, makes it worth being a teacher.
Mrs. Alda Durham.    


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